How Point of sale malware steals your credit card data

According to a report issued for the second quarter of 2015 by the Quick Heal, a significant increase in malware on the Windows platform has been noticed. Main reasons for this are mostly the unpatched OS and ineffective antivirus solution that are present on the personal computers of users all over the world.

The Malware Economy

Seeing the malware industry gradually growing forces you into thinking about how this happens. Well, the malware industry -like any other business- works in the matter of demand versus supply and it offers a wide range of products like banking Trojans and ransomware. Symantec issued the “State of financial Trojans 2014” whitepaper, containing statistics about […]

The Complete Guide to Using Bitcoins

Bitcoin is a kind of electronic currency (peer-to-peer money, to be exact), produced and distributed digitally. Human involvement is quite minor. Bitcoins are non-printed money, an approach opposite to the conventional principle of currency. They are generated by a considerable amount of people using networked computer systems all around the globe using software.

Digital Transactions and Their Security Level

There have been multiple hits against the online payment infrastructure globally over the past few years, with hackers trying to identify the red flags and the flaws of digital transactions. As you surely have heard, a lot of businesses have reported security breaches in their online presence and this certainly leads to fear.

Popular Hacker Arrested after Hacking Bill Gates and Receiving Money Using Fake Cards

Using a repetitive pattern, a Bulgarian hacker was arrested for the second time now in Philippines for trying to hack Bill Gates’ accounts and gain money using counterfeit credit cards. Konstantin Simeonov Kavrakov from Bulgaria is one of the most notorious hackers all over the world and this is what has drawn great attention to […]