Common Cryptocurrency Malware You Should be Wary Of

We now have various types of cryptocurrencies, thanks to the rise in demand for this novel form of money. Moreover, many vendors are now accepting payments in the form of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, the popularity of cryptocurrencies is set to remain high in the near future.

Why you need Laptop Filters?

Many people keep their confidential business data on the laptop. What most of them don’t know is that this data is vulnerable. Without proper use of laptop privacy filters, your data is in danger. The use of solid encryption technology and strong passwords is a must. But these are insufficient. There is something called visual […]

Reasons why a job seeker should protect their Social Media profiles

When applying for a job, people share a lot of personal information. They write excellent cover letters and CVs. They even include a few references before sending the job applications. This is all good until people forget to hide their social media accounts. Letting these accounts stay public is imprudent. Do you know why? Modern […]