It is time for Hollywood studios to send out warnings to illegal downloaders

How Hollywood studios react to the increasing rate of downloads for the new Oscar blockbusters, with the takedown notices being their most recent move. Thousands of warnings have already been sent out to illegal downloaders online, in an effort to put people off from continuing on their downloading spree. New film releases that will prevail […]

Torrent site run for only fun causes damages of millions

The suspected administrator of a torrent website raided by police in 2012 is confronting the possibility of years in prison despite authorities knowing he ran the site to a great extent for no particular reason. The 24-year-old is blamed for disregarding notices to shut down SwePiracy and is currently confronting damages of nearly $3 million […]

558m pirated links take-down requests were sent to Google in 2015

Copyright holders requested that Google uproot more than 560,000,000 professedly encroaching (pirated) links from its web search console in 2015. The stunning number is an increment of 60% contrasted with the prior year. As per Google the proceeded with surge is a confirmation that the DMCA takedown procedure is working, yet some copyright holders oppose […]

Spotify and Piracy Concerns Emerging from Lack of Fremium Plan

Spotify is in search of revenue increase and restricting the premium plan seems like a great way to do so. However, there is the imminent danger of increasing piracy rates that has to be taken into consideration – alongside the complaints of underpaid artists and the confusion over the company’s privacy policy.