“Lockdroid” Ransomware Can Erase Data and Lock Smartphones

“Another bit of Android ransomware has developed, equipped for changing PINs, locking gadgets and even completely wiping client information by means of factory resets”, Symantec scientists warn. Called “Lockdroid” (Android.Lockdroid.E) by Symantec, the new malware was discovered trap clients into furnishing it with gadget administrator rights. When it gets these rights, the malware can encode […]

Five internet risks to be on the look-out for throughout 2016

The internet is a risky place as much as it is a fun place to be. The freedoms allowed in it have been abused by some criminal elements and therefore we are left with no option but to be wary. In law they say ignorance is no defense, in cyber security we say ignorance is […]

How Point of sale malware steals your credit card data

According to a report issued for the second quarter of 2015 by the Quick Heal, a significant increase in malware on the Windows platform has been noticed. Main reasons for this are mostly the unpatched OS and ineffective antivirus solution that are present on the personal computers of users all over the world.

The Malware Economy

Seeing the malware industry gradually growing forces you into thinking about how this happens. Well, the malware industry -like any other business- works in the matter of demand versus supply and it offers a wide range of products like banking Trojans and ransomware. Symantec issued the “State of financial Trojans 2014” whitepaper, containing statistics about […]

Way to Achieve Reliable Malware Security Online

Malware has been troubling both individuals and businesses worldwide, due to the multiple consequences that such threats can have on a computer or even on a network of computers. Its name reflects its nature, as it consists of the words “malicious software”.

How to Know You’ve Been Hacked? Here are the Signs!

There’s very little to argue on the fact that Antiviruses alone cannot help you stay secure, or even escape from a hack. As well as, the Anti-malware programs today can’t keep up with all the emerging malware threats today – there comes a new Malware on the web almost every week if not daily.