4 Things about the Tor Browser Exploit that You Should Know

An attacker has managed to compromise the security of the Tor browser. Details are now emerging of how a hacker managed to take advantage of the inbuilt features of the browser to carry out an attack that forces the browser to expose the real identity of users. Here are three things about the news that […]

Silicon Valley and a Trump Presidency: 3 Important Things

Leading tech companies in the United States are a worried lot. Throughout the campaigns, they had been backing Hillary Clinton while declaring that a Trump presidency would be entirely bad for innovation. Right now, the tech companies have to rethink their position since their worst nightmare has now become a reality. Here are three important […]

Free Fitness Apps and Safety Hazards

If you have been working out lately, the chances are that you have installed at least one free fitness app on your mobile device. Such apps allow you to control the calories you are burning as you are exercising, as well as keep track of your performance and check your health rate. This all sounds […]

How the Internet of Things May Compromise Online Security

The Internet of Things has become greatly popular, given the fact that there are so many benefits related to their use. Our lives have been made a lot easier with the use of the Internet of Things, which means that many people prefer connecting their devices for the best results possible.

Vulnerabilities of Routers as Far as Security is Concerned

Routers are just like all devices related to computing and they use Operating Systems. Using the same analogy, you can see how a router can be compromised. Of course, it makes sense that malware can penetrate the different layers of routers and make them vulnerable against threats.