Vulnerabilities of Routers as Far as Security is Concerned

Routers are just like all devices related to computing and they use Operating Systems. Using the same analogy, you can see how a router can be compromised. Of course, it makes sense that malware can penetrate the different layers of routers and make them vulnerable against threats.

Reasons Why You Should Not Use a Router from Your ISP

It is true that most of the times we get the router equipment from our Internet Service Provider and use that for connecting to the web. This is a truly frequent tactic, as it requires no special technical knowledge for the router configuration on your end. In addition, in this way you avoid paying for […]

How to secure home router

Hackers have discovered ways to hack into home routers and modify their configuration. They do this by taking advantage of JavaScript which is built into webpages and logging in as administrators, ultimately altering the router’s DNS settings and assigning DNS servers controlled by attackers. These hacked home routers will then be used as a springboard […]