What Does Russia and China ‘No Hack’ Agreement Mean For America?

According to the WSJ (Wall Street Journal), China and Russia have more solidified their growing and maturing relationship current week via making an online security deal. As indicated by The Wall Street Journal (WJS), the two nations have promised not to dispatch cyberattacks against one another. They’ve further consented to a trade of technology, as […]

Russian Hackers ATP28 Used Zero-Days Vulnerability to Hack Diplomatic Targets in the US

According to a report released by a famous American security company dubbed as “FireEye”, a group of hackers from Russia has been making use of vulnerabilities in two well-known software – Microsoft’s Windows OS and Adobe’s Flash – the Russian hackers try to grab the info about different governments.

Many Russian Citizens in Favor of Internet Censorship, Study

A recent study based on the findings of a poll in Russia highlights the fact that the majority of Russian citizens agree with the Internet censorship measures taken by the Government and state that such acts are justified by the ongoing threats of the web to the country. Russia has been tightening its legislation regarding […]