Privacy Webmail Services: A Few Important Things

Privacy webmail services are now the rage, thanks to revelations that major providers of free webmail services such as Google and Yahoo have been working with NSA to spy on their clients. However, there are several things about privacy webmail services that you need to know before you start using one as a replacement for […]

How Hackers Steal Passwords and How You Can Protect Yours

Nowadays, hackers use sophisticated procedures to steal the passwords of unsuspecting users. It is common for hackers to use social engineering and other equally sophisticated techniques to access the passwords of their targets. For you to protect your passwords, you need to use sophisticated defence tactics. A good VPN service like gives you the […]

Common Cryptocurrency Malware You Should be Wary Of

We now have various types of cryptocurrencies, thanks to the rise in demand for this novel form of money. Moreover, many vendors are now accepting payments in the form of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, the popularity of cryptocurrencies is set to remain high in the near future.

Americans Increasingly Concerned About their Online Privacy: Research

Findings of a new research show that more Americans are concerned about their online privacy and security than it was a year ago, it has been reported. According to the findings of the recently conducted study by Anchor Free, about 84% of the individuals who were interviewed expressed their fears of falling victim to massive […]

How to Protect Your Data from Distributed Guessing Attacks

What is Distributed Guessing Attack? A Distributed Guessing Attack is a new form of attack that hackers are now using to target individuals who shop online using any of the two most common cards: Visa and MasterCard. Hackers have perfected a method by which they manage to access the credit or debit card details of […]

The NSA Increases Surveillance, Banking on the US Freedom Act of 2015

The NSA is increasing its mass surveillance activities, following the passage of the US Freedom Bill of 2015 into law, the US Freedom Act of 2015. Observers are of the opinion that although the passage of the new law was supposed to protect the rights and privileges of individuals in the wake of multiple threats […]

How to prevent bandwidth throttling using a VPN

Network administrators of ISPs at times intentionally limit your connection speed. The act of deliberately limiting the connectivity speed of users is called bandwidth throttling. If it happens to you, you will suddenly experience low internet speeds. Here is how you can use a VPN service to overcome it.

The Internet of Things: Major Risks and What to Do About Them

The idea of the Internet of Things (IoT) started a few decades ago. Leading tech companies started exploring different ways in which seemingly unrelated devices at home and in the office could communicate with each other over the internet. Currently, this is a reality. Many people are using devices that can connect to the web. […]

Disadvantages of Shopping Online – Eight Threats you Could Face

The days are gone when we all had to go out shopping. We can now jump in bed and order something online. The stores are many and competitive. So the prices are fair and the items genuine. Also, the internet has many freebies and offers. Online shopping is great, of course, but has some dangers […]