Which Social Apps Parents Should Pay Attention To

Kids, teens and young adults have been using the Internet for multiple reasons to a huge extent (95 per cent are online), with mobile devices and Wi-Fi connections posing real threats. Nowadays, social media platforms have become a lot more sophisticated and they offer people the opportunity to interact, share pictures and statuses, communicate and […]

Twitter Has the Ability to Check Your Installed Applications – Instructions to Disable It

If you have installed Twitter’s app on your mobile or even if you have just bought a new mobile and Twitter has already being installed, it is good to know that this program has the ability to scan your phone, in order to see all of the apps that you use on your mobile. The […]

Lack of Security Standards in Messaging Applications, Study

It is known that nowadays a lot of researches and studies are performed that have to do with security issues on the web. A study like those that were mentioned above is the one that Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has conducted. In this research, EFF has found out that just a few apps have the […]

Most of the Mobile Applications Place Users’ Privacy at Risk, Study

Everyone may think that mobile applications are nothing else than what they said. The truth is that mobile applications are not what you think of. From the moment that you download an app on your mobile phone it automatically have some kind of access to your personal information and at the same time they have […]

Using Facebook for Multiple Logins: Safe or Not?

Today, we are dependent on all sorts of applications and websites. One such example is the all-famous Instagram app; perfect for eternalising all those glorious moments in our glorious lives by sharing them with our ever-growing number of followers. You know that feeling when life feels like it’s at a complete standstill after you’ve posted […]