How to Watch Hunted from Anywhere in the World

Hunted will premiere on January 22nd, 2017 on CBS. The reality show is based on how teams of participants pretending to be wanted criminals can successfully hide from real-life investigators. There are nine teams, each made of two individuals in the show. The team that manages to evade capture for four weeks carries the grand […]

How to Access Pirate Bay Outside Australia: The Process

It is now impossible to access Pirate Bay and the other main torrenting sites in Australia using the conventional way. The Federal Court of Australia, in a ruling, has ordered all the ISPs in the country to block access to torrenting sites. However, the court did not rule that you cannot use a VPN to […]

What would you most likely give up for internet security? Some said Sex

A new survey’s findings are funny. Some participants would stop having sex for a year in exchange for cyber safety. About 4 in 10 Americans said they would quit sex to feel safer online forever. In this internet survey, 2000 adults participated. The lead researcher was Harris Poll. He works for Dashlane — a password […]

Viewing what you browse online – Three methods to use

As you may know, social media websites ask us to share data in many ways. Hence, most people end up sharing more than they would prefer. As well, we share data on websites that we no longer access. Sometimes the data we share is visible to others without our knowledge.

Reasons why a job seeker should protect their Social Media profiles

When applying for a job, people share a lot of personal information. They write excellent cover letters and CVs. They even include a few references before sending the job applications. This is all good until people forget to hide their social media accounts. Letting these accounts stay public is imprudent. Do you know why? Modern […]

Americans are being poisoned via Internet by terrorists, says Obama

Terrorist are utilizing the Internet to poison Americans, President Obama said amid his address on State of the Union Tuesday night. In a section about the dangers postured by terrorism, the first threat Obama said was the manner by which these terrorists are utilizing online networking systems (social media networks) to spread purposeful publicity and […]

NO anonymity online, looks like even social media experts getting their hands off

At the point when online networking master (social media expert, in simple words for you) Richard Guerry identifies with rudimentary understudies, he approaches them for the meaning of social: active, sharing, talking a ton. And after that he requests that they characterize private: minding their own business, not sharing a great deal.

How people use Facebook for spying on others

As you may have already realized, not all people use Facebook for socializing as there is a category of people on Facebook who use it for spying on the daily life of other users. With the increasing popularity of Facebook, there are many details that can emerge while spying on others. Even though this is […]