Should We Hide Cameras for Being Kept Safe from Surveillance?

Online privacy is of the essence nowadays, since there are a lot of threats out there trying to compromise our web surfing. It is true that technology has come a long way and nobody can deny that. Gadgets have made our lives a lot easier, facilitating our work and our daily routine on the whole.

Minority Supporters Do Not Widely Express Their Opinions on Mass Surveillance

According to a recent study, there is a majority of people who do not want to oppose the public opinion. As a result, they do not reveal what they actually think and instead they tend to express the favorable opinion. Even though this is not something that they agree on, it is much easier for […]

There’s little we can do, data backdoor already exists

We are not in any case safe even all around the air, any longer. Each time you sign into a gadget and have it associated with the space we call the Internet, it undoubtedly checks for programmed upgrades — unless you’ve turned them off.

Paris killings reignite the surveillance, encryption debate

The first time the world had a serious discourse on surveillance and encryption was after Edward Snowden and Wikileaks split out secrets of the US government’s spying. The fallout from the revelations that the US government was keeping tabs not only on its own citizens but also on world leaders, more so allies such as […]

Throwing lights on the extent to what companies today are tracking our daily lights

Do you any idea about how the information being collected digitally uncovers the things about you that you’d have kept private? Big data is the age where we’re living already, there’s no doubt about it. To put icing on the cake, Internet of things’ age is here as well! Now the question arises, is this […]

Is Google Something Like the Internet Police?

It has been published that EU has told Google to erase some links that referred to some peoples’ lives as they seemed to be slightingly for some Hollywood celebrities. The lawsuits have been filed by these Hollywood stars due to the fact that some links and sites are showing them naked. This suing definitely makes […]

Australians Need VPN Services More than Ever Now, Due to New Piracy Rules

The popular piracy hotspots (Australia and New Zealand) have an increased demand for VPN services as their government has set some new piracy rules. There is a great demand in Australia for VPN services since the Australian government and of course ISPs has started to take new measurements regarding piracy. Torrent Freak has showed some […]

The Enemies of Internet Explained

In the report “Enemies of the Internet” you can find the names of those countries which have restrictions in everything that has to do with the Cyberspace. Based on those reports, China, Bahrain, Vietnam, Iran and Syria are definitely the most restricted states in the matters of the Internet and the freedom that they enjoy. […]

Exec of a Canadian ISP Suggested to Ban the VPN

Banning VPN is what a Canadian ISP executive has suggested, raising a lot of reactions as to the legitimacy of such an action. The suggestion took place in a conference held in Toronto. Back in last week, an executive of ISP a Canadian cable provider has suggested the banning of VPN in a conference that […]