Reasons China is certainly strict about Internet censorship

China is indisputably among the countries that apply the heaviest censorship globally. There is great reason for such online limitations applied by China. In fact, there are quite a few different reasons that add to the use of online restrictions.

World Internet Conference and the Presence of Xi Jinping from China

Xi Jinping from China will be attending the second World Internet Conference, despite the heavy censorship applied by Chinese Government. When it comes to online freedom, China cannot take pride in being among the first countries in ranking. Actually, the opposite is true about the Chinese Government. To be more specific, they have ranked last […]

Unblock and Use Instagram in China

Taking after the dissents in Hong Kong in the September 2014, the Chinese government continued to square Instagram and it stays obstructed right up the present time in the territory of China. It isn’t quite a bit of an issue to get to Instagram in China, undergoing a little research and perusing. Most folks call […]

Learn How to Unblock and Use Gmail in China

If you live in China, you may have heard of the “Golden Shield project” (also known as the “Great firewall of China”). The Ministry of public security of the government of China uses this project as the main instrument for applying Internet censorship and block access to unfavorable foreign sites.

Attack against GreatFire and Google’s Point of View

One of the major breaches nowadays has been that against GreatFire, a site that has been fighting China’s censorship heavily and that has raised a lot of reactions from the government. The DDoS attack was held in multiple phases (five to be exact) and lasted from March 3rd to April 7th of this year.

The Great Firewall Gets an “Upgrade”, Causing Distress to VPN Users

The notorious Great Firewall strengthens its hold over the people in China, blocking off access to a number of prominent virtual private network (VPN) services in the country. The Chinese government has long been locked in a struggle to suppress what it deems to be inappropriate content stemming from the Internet, but recent actions have […]