Right Way to Have a Thorough Backup Strategy for Your Site

It is really important for you to keep backups of everything regarding your computer, as safety matters the most and there may be a lot of risks trying to compromise this safety in the long run. Make sure to have as many different copies of your files and documents, especially the ones that you find […]

How to Avoid Social Engineering Attacks Effectively Online

Social engineering attacks have been increasing rapidly and this makes our attempt to be kept safe against such threats even more essential. With the use of social engineering hacks, experts can lure people into handing out their personal information without actually knowing what they do.

The Complete Guide to Using Bitcoins

Bitcoin is a kind of electronic currency (peer-to-peer money, to be exact), produced and distributed digitally. Human involvement is quite minor. Bitcoins are non-printed money, an approach opposite to the conventional principle of currency. They are generated by a considerable amount of people using networked computer systems all around the globe using software.

Avoiding Identity Theft Online and Being Kept Safe

If you often receive e mails or messages that seem like blackmails and the person who sends them seems to know you really well, do not try to find who he is; you have probably been a victim of identity theft online. If you search on the web, you will definitely find people who are […]