How Hackers Steal Passwords and How You Can Protect Yours

Nowadays, hackers use sophisticated procedures to steal the passwords of unsuspecting users. It is common for hackers to use social engineering and other equally sophisticated techniques to access the passwords of their targets. For you to protect your passwords, you need to use sophisticated defence tactics. A good VPN service like gives you the […]

How to Play Fire Emblem from Anywhere in the World

Fire Emblem is one of the most exciting Japanese Role Playing Games (JRPGs) currently on the market. However, you cannot access the game when you are outside particular regions in the world. The vendor of the game uses geo-blocking policies to restrict the people who can access and play this exciting game.

How the Mainstream Media (MSM) is Undermining Privacy

The mainstream media (MSM) has been working hard to undermine the private lives of individuals and, by extension, that of other institutions. For us to understand how this started and is still occurring now, it is important to consider how the MSM has been behaving before, during and after last year’s US general elections.

Australian #Siteblock: 3 Important Things

The Federal Court of Australia has ordered all the ISPs in the country to block all peer-to-peer file-sharing sites. The court was acting on an application that copyright holders in the country presented to it. Many companies that hold the copyright of content in Australia asked the court to order ISP providers to block all […]

Smartwatch Security: 4 Important Tips

Apart from being trendy, your smartwatch helps to synchronize your digital life. The little device connects with your other digital devices to help you live a smooth and highly integrated life. However, hackers are increasingly using smartwatches to target their victims. Therefore, you need to take the necessary precautionary measures to safeguard your smartwatch. Here […]

Sharing is caring; 5 torrent clients for sharing

A good thing is not as good if you cannot enjoy it with others, right? Why have a nice movie, an awesome software or an incredible book if you cannot enjoy it with others? Torrents are the easiest way through which users can share content. This is because torrents allow peer-to-peer sharing. With torrents the […]