Free PC Hacks that Empower Your Online Protection

If you are one of the people who think that you are perfectly secured online, it is high time to reconsider. According to a survey carried out in 2014, about 40 per cent of the people regard their online presence somewhat secure. Even so, this percentage definitely leaves some room for improvement.

7 Tools by Professionals for increasing your Cyber Security

Cyber Security is a science practiced by skilled technicians all over the world with the purpose to keep the millions of machines out there safe against any technological threats with the use of various tools. Security experts are a tool for every business that wants to keep their enterprise network secure. Let’s get to know […]

The Most Secure Web Browsers Online

When you go online, using a popular web browser, you might be sharing much information with third-party data trackers. In fact, what people think their privacy rights are, has some difference with the actual privacy policies that are in place. Most browsers apply not so security-tight privacy policies which makes them vulnerable for privacy invasions.

Mozilla pushing hard for completely HTTPS usage to make web secure

Mozilla has declared aggressively that they are considering to drop non secure HTTP. Security Lead of Firefox Richard Barnes mentioned in a post. “After a robust discussion on our community mailing list, Mozilla is committing to focus new development efforts on the secure web, and start removing capabilities from the non-secure web,”