New Legislation Allows the FBI to Prosecute VPN and Tor Users

The Supreme Court in the United States has changed Rule 41, in order to give more power to the FBI and allegedly fight against terrorism. With these new changes, a judge will be able to issue a warrant for search and seizure of computers, even beyond the limits of his or her jurisdiction.

Want to Chat Anonymously? Try Tor Messenger

Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger,  … the most prominent services in the field of instant messaging aren’t as a matter of course the most secure, with lower level of assurance for individual data and an absence of the security for messages sent/receive via them. As a result of this, it’s feasible for said data […]

Free Encryption Tools that Can Help You out Significantly

If you wish to remain risk-free while surfing the Internet, it goes without even saying that encryption is a great tool that can help you out. Indeed, the whole process of encryption makes the most out of your web surfing activities; in this way, you can get an extra layer to your traffic and prevent […]

Research Proved That 81% of People Who Use Tor Can be Identified

For the last 6 years a research has been completed, stating that 81% of the people who use a Tor proxy can easily be identified. These people can be identified by the Netflow technology that is used by Cisco. Cisco uses a router protocol suite and some other traffic analysis tools that make it easy […]

Important Details about Tor and How to Use It Properly

From the first moment that Snowden said that there are many NSA spies on the web, almost all Internet users became concerned about their privacy and the safety of their files. This revelation was something that has revived Tor. Do not try to think of the reasons why this sounds beneficial for Tor, because this […]