Should You Still Download Your Torrents in India After New Law?

India is a hotbed of internet piracy. Torrents are not new. People don’t like buying TV shows, music or movies. The list is endless. That is the reality we live in- for now. A recent study revealed that India is one of the worst countries in pirating TV shows and movies. The trend is not […]

Torrent site run for only fun causes damages of millions

The suspected administrator of a torrent website raided by police in 2012 is confronting the possibility of years in prison despite authorities knowing he ran the site to a great extent for no particular reason. The 24-year-old is blamed for disregarding notices to shut down SwePiracy and is currently confronting damages of nearly $3 million […]

Users Infected by Malware from Torrent Websites, Earning Extra Income

Torrent websites have been proven to infect users with malware in a recent study. They make money out of this, with the users continuing on with the same practice. If you have been wondering where malware can derive from, another option has been added for you to consider. To be more specific, malware can come […]

Sharing is caring; 5 torrent clients for sharing

A good thing is not as good if you cannot enjoy it with others, right? Why have a nice movie, an awesome software or an incredible book if you cannot enjoy it with others? Torrents are the easiest way through which users can share content. This is because torrents allow peer-to-peer sharing. With torrents the […]