The only thorough password security guide you’ll ever need

password security guide

Very frequently, passwords are uncovered. Instagram, Pinterest, Yahoo, and even Google records were bargained, rendering a huge number of online records powerless against outsider hacks. What’s more, that was just the latest security rupture.

Passwords – particularly those not bolstered by two factor authentication check – are your last lines of barrier against prying eyes. This aide will offer you some assistance with understanding how those passwords are uncovered, and what you can do to hold them secured. Continue reading “The only thorough password security guide you’ll ever need”

How to secure your Dropbox account

secure Dropbox account

Dropbox is a popular cloud based storage service used by many users worldwide with client software available for all platforms (Windows, Mac OS, Android OS, iOS). Using Dropbox, you will have a large space available for storing any types of files and exchange them with others. It is a service that will keep your files synced and easy to share. Brings your photos, videos and documents anywhere giving you the opportunity to stay in touch with your files at any time and never lose any of them. Continue reading “How to secure your Dropbox account”