Netflix getting serious to block Proxies and unblockers

Netflix as of late extended its gushing services to almost each region on the planet. This uplifting news for potential clients in those nations has hosed the spirits of the individuals who effectively utilized Netflix by utilizing proxies and VPNs sidestep the organization’s geo location limitations.

Worrying about the Netflix VPN ban?

The Netflix entertainment platform has millions of subscribers worldwide (a rough estimation of 40 countries), while the majority of those subscribers are in the US. Of course, the US version of Netflix is far better and more qualitative, leading to subscribers of other countries wanting to trade their own version with the original.

The Great Firewall Gets an “Upgrade”, Causing Distress to VPN Users

The notorious Great Firewall strengthens its hold over the people in China, blocking off access to a number of prominent virtual private network (VPN) services in the country. The Chinese government has long been locked in a struggle to suppress what it deems to be inappropriate content stemming from the Internet, but recent actions have […]