Americans Increasingly Concerned About their Online Privacy: Research

Findings of a new research show that more Americans are concerned about their online privacy and security than it was a year ago, it has been reported. According to the findings of the recently conducted study by Anchor Free, about 84% of the individuals who were interviewed expressed their fears of falling victim to massive […]

How to Detect Phishing Attacks: 4 Easy Steps

Phishing attacks remain a common form of cyber attacks in the current times. Cyber criminals are devising new methods of packaging their messages in a bid to trick people into clicking on the links that they include in their phishing emails. Regardless of the new methods that hackers use to disguise the real intention of […]

How to Play Fire Emblem from Anywhere in the World

Fire Emblem is one of the most exciting Japanese Role Playing Games (JRPGs) currently on the market. However, you cannot access the game when you are outside particular regions in the world. The vendor of the game uses geo-blocking policies to restrict the people who can access and play this exciting game.

How the Mainstream Media (MSM) is Undermining Privacy

The mainstream media (MSM) has been working hard to undermine the private lives of individuals and, by extension, that of other institutions. For us to understand how this started and is still occurring now, it is important to consider how the MSM has been behaving before, during and after last year’s US general elections.

A New Website, ‘I know what you downloaded’ can reveal all your torrenting activities

A new website called, can show all the files that you access when you the common peer-to-peer file sharing site, BitTorrent. The new platform is a new development in a longstanding battle between copyright holders and individuals who download files from common peer-to-peer file sharing sites.

Unblocking the Pirate Bay – How to do it in Australia

Australia is looking to block The Pirate Bay. It is one of the most loved torrent websites. Australian ISPs have just fifteen days to enforce the ban. Lovers of the site will feel horrible.  The government won’t stop there. It will ban more torrent websites. So, how can PirateBay lovers bypass this ban?

Disadvantages of Shopping Online – Eight Threats you Could Face

The days are gone when we all had to go out shopping. We can now jump in bed and order something online. The stores are many and competitive. So the prices are fair and the items genuine. Also, the internet has many freebies and offers. Online shopping is great, of course, but has some dangers […]

Describing the OPSEC Process and Key Steps

Communication safety is important in this digital age. Whether its business or personal, you should protect your privacy. Encryption methods can keep criminals away. But, encryption is not all you need. You should get a good OPSEC. This refers to Operations Security. It is enough to protect your personal details from thieves. The OPSEC process […]