38% all the HTTPS websites open to new “DROWN” attack

Security analysts have found another procedure for disentangling the substance of probably secure correspondences. The DROWN assault – it has as of now got a name, similar to late prominent crypto assaults Lucky13, BEAST, and POODLE – is a “cross-convention assault that can unscramble latently gathered TLS sessions from progressive customers”.

10 best bug bounty hunters of the all times

We don’t care for individuals who bring up our errors. You more likely than not got notification from your older folks that bringing up another person’s missteps is an unfortunate propensity. Truth be told, the greater part of us is attractive to do that, our brain is similar to radar which continues checking missteps of […]

Fixing the top 5 Cyber Security Vulnerabilities

Cyber security vulnerabilities are what attackers are trying to exploit with the ultimate purpose to access a system and get a hold of private user data. In order to keep yourself prepared for such attacks, you must learn how these attack methods work. If you have this knowledge, it will help you prevent such attacks.

How to Avoid Android Stagefright Vulnerability

Android cell phones and gadgets have been found vulnerable against an assault that could bring about perpetual harm to the user’s information alongside his device. It abuses a little glitch in the Android framework found on all android gadgets which permits the aggressor to obtain entrance to one’s Android based device. The weakness is called […]

BitTorrent software exploit leads to cyber warfare

As reported by torrentfreak, new research from Florian Adamsky of City University London has demonstrated illegal downloads of movies and software is not the limit to the criminal capabilities of the popular torrent software. His research shows BitTorrent can also be used for cybercrime.

Android Threats That Have Caught the Attention of Experts at Black Hat USA 2015

Technology is progressing at a gigantic pace, with various breakthroughs taking place on a daily basis and affecting the life of Internet users. As far as mobile devices are concerned, there are many different things that have caught the interest and attention of the experts globally.

Newly exposed Google Drive phishing campaign targets Google credentials

An advanced Google Drive phishing campaign just got discovered by a researcher at Elastica Cloud Threat Labs, the attackers are still unknown. JavaScript code obfuscation has been used by attackers to compromise websites in an attempt to steal the account credentials of users on Google services.

0day potent flash gets release into the wild because of Hacking Team leak

As the data from Italy based surveillance software seller named Haking Team got hacked, and their compromised data got exposed online – researchers are sifting through all of the stolen material.

Critical Adobe Reader, MS Windows font vulnerability can lead to complete system compromise

15 critical vulnerabilities in Windows and Adobe software are reported by a Google Project Zero researcher, the vulnerabilities also include sever ones that can enable attackers to completely compromise a system. Even the era of high quality security mechanisms and mitigations, 2015, posses weaknesses where a single good vulnerability can still cause a complete system […]