Is Going Offline the Solution to Increasing Online Threats for Privacy Breaches?

The National Telecommunications & information Administration has completed a report, with some very important conclusions. According to the report, an increasing number of citizens may stop using the Internet due to the privacy breaches and the intrusive nature of the government. About 45% of Americans agree that privacy loss is an existing fear.

Security Concerns Emerge because of a New Hello Barbie with Wi-Fi Connection

If you are planning to purchase the new Hello Barbie for your kid or another beloved child, you had better reconsider. It seems that the innovation behind the release of the new Hello Barbie model is going to be a mixed blessing, according to the effects that will be triggered.

How to secure home router

Hackers have discovered ways to hack into home routers and modify their configuration. They do this by taking advantage of JavaScript which is built into webpages and logging in as administrators, ultimately altering the router’s DNS settings and assigning DNS servers controlled by attackers. These hacked home routers will then be used as a springboard […]