North Korea Has Blocked Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Websites from South Korea

North Korea has done it again and now the restrictions applied to the citizens have become really hard. When it comes to the web, North Korea is no stranger to limitations and heavy censorship. But now things have changed for the worse.

Unblock and Watch YouTube in China

If you are a resident of China, then you are one of the many people facing the censorship laws that are in place and blocking access to various famous websites, with YouTube being one of them. The Chinese government has placed strict rules as far as Internet usage is concerned, applying unparalleled censorship techniques which […]

Learn How You Can Unblock YouTube at School

School institutions are places where kids and teens spend a lot of hours on a daily basis. In between their school activities, it is only fair that they want to unwind and get online. With the increasing use of mobile phones and other state-of-the-art technology devices, this is not difficult.