It is important for all of us to really understand the stakes behind tech security. Such threats can be proven life threatening and therefore there is no room for flawed defensive systems against them. In order to make sure that businesses remain protected online, the proper IT systems must be put to order and there is absolutely no time to waste.

According to Roberto Magnatantini, one of the AA rated professionals in CityWire, IT budgets have been increasing over the past few years and this is likely to go on. This is a great indication that people out there have realized just how crucial the proper preparation is for businesses.

‘Over the last year we have seen that the level of threat coming from technological space has increased. We see that companies and governments are expanding their budgets in the security space.’ Roberto said, since the tech security is a sensitive sector that nobody wants to play with or underinvest in.

Another thing that is worth mentioning from what Magnatantini has said is the fact that most hackers do not act on their own; there is greater possibility that they act in groups, working for a crime organization and so on.

The recent terrorist attacks highlight the acknowledgement of the expert that hackers do not act alone: ‘Terrorist groups have been early adopters of new technologies.

If you look at Islamic State, apparently they have a large media budget. They seem to be very professional. They have been using the media in a novel way. They use English-speaking specialists for the Western world.’

As for the San Bernardino case and Apple vs FBI, Magnatantini expressed his satisfaction. Apple has managed to balance, between the rights and obligations of the company.

On the one hand, there is the obligation to cooperate with the authorities and on the other hand there is the reassurance to all the customers that online privacy would not be breached. According to Roberto, Apple has done a great job in both aspects!

Of course, there are a lot of details that still need to be cleared in the tech security department. The threats are ongoing and, with the sophistication of hackers, they are going to become even more difficult to tackle with.

However, it is a good thing for businesses to be able and identify that this is a huge threat, doing everything within their powers to overcome the barriers and build a solid defensive system against tech security vulnerabilities and hacking attempts.

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