Recent revelations of NSA prove that nowadays it is even more important than it used to be to hide all kinds of personal data that you might share on the web. It is more vital than ever to try and keep for yourself information that you think that is really important for you and if this information was published someone could use it against you.

It is absolutely sure that in the era we live in nothing can be taken for granted and so nothing can be considered as safe. But what happens if the lifestyle of yours demands the publishing of private information or photos? In this case, you should not worry about it anymore, because there are ways and tricks that you can use and they can definitely help you. 3 of the best ways are offered to you right away!

1st Way: Private Browsing Windows

If you are used to popular options such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or any other kind of browser, it is sure that they include an extra feature with the name Private Browsing or Incognito mode. It is an action that will help you a lot toward feeling and actually being safe from third parties. If you press such buttons, you will see that a new tab will open automatically.

This tab is separate from your favorite browser and everything that you search through it is not recorded plus it does not allow any other web page to track you. It is definitely the most famous way that a great percentage of people use, not only for the privacy that it offers but also for acting against malware as it is really difficult to get a virus by using it.

2nd Way: Privacy Settings and Social Network

Any kind of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and others is constantly a target for NSA and other similar agencies. Do not wonder why, because if you take a moment to think you will realize, without being a computer genius, that it is the easiest way for them to gather almost all of your personal information without any kind of special effort.

They consist for sure a really sure way for the government to get a glimpse at your personal life and while they are doing that they are able even to use the information against you, in case it seems necessary for them. So, each kind of social media platform you are a part in, you need to know that it has got its own privacy settings.

Believe it that if you spend some minutes to read them, it will not be a waste of time. These will for sure be the most precious moments that are able to protect you from anyone and from the government too.

3rd Way: Hide Your Communications

VPN is for sure the surest way that anyone can use as an individual or a businessman to “move” through the web in an invisible mode. It is certainly a way that people who have been facing the same kind of problem have created.

It is a network that allows you to browse yourself through every web page that you want, even if your country does not allow it. Apart from that, it is sure the best way to use for keeping your computer or laptop “healthy”. When someone uses the term “healthy”, he means that VPN services offer so strong firewalls that nothing can pass through them without an approval.

Use any of the above ways or even all of them and you will see that nothing will stop you. You will have the ability to enter to websites without the fear of some malware and of course without the fear of becoming a victim of stolen identity. Ambitious hackers will not have the chance to harm you and this is something that you will definitely appreciate.

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