What is password cracking? It’s the process of acquiring a locally stored password or a password used on a network. There are a number of methods used for managing to crack a password and therefore there are various tools in place making use of these methods.

Password cracking is not the same with password stealing. Password cracking is being performed by IT security experts or network administrators in order to recover lost passwords that cannot be reset.

It is also being performed by companies that offer cybersecurity services , so as to test the security level of the passwords used and assist their clients is keeping their systems protected against malicious attacks from hackers. Password stealing is the malicious hacking, where cyber criminals use password cracking / hacking tools so as to acquire the target’s password and with it, gain access to the relevant content.

Password cracking methods

1) Brute force attack

A quite common and well known technique is the brute force attack. In this technique, a huge combination of passwords is being rapidly sent to the target, attempting to guess the right one.

2) GPU password cracking

A Graphics Processing Unit is excellent at processing mathematical calculations, as graphics rendering is just a series of complex mathematical calculations and so are the hashing algorithms. The GPU password cracking method utilizes the GPU software in checking the password algorithm for hashes and thus use the above mentioned GPU’s functionality.

3) CUDA password cracking

Similar to GPU password cracking method, CUDA works on the GPU technology but with the difference that it utilizes the hardware. More specifically, it makes use of the targeted machine’s onboard graphical card, so as to occupy the Graphical Processor Unit’s high level of processing, as GPU processing can be much faster than CPU processing.

Password cracking tools

Let’s go through some of the available password cracking tools:

1) Brutus

This tool, which is available only on Windows platform, is one of the most popular password cracking tools and also known to be a very fast tool. As you may already have guessed by its name, it utilizes the brute-force attack method described above in this article.

2) Cain and Abel

This tool is being used for Windows operating systems; it has a friendly Graphical User Interface and uses various techniques in getting the job done, like brute-force attack and cryptanalysis. It actually scans the targeted network or system for vulnerabilities so as to take advantage of them.

2) Medusa

There are various platforms supported by this tool, like MAC OS , SUN OS and of course Windows OS. It can simultaneously crack multiple users and target various hosts and also there is no need for configuring this tool as there are listed modules that come with it.

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