It is known that nowadays a lot of researches and studies are performed that have to do with security issues on the web. A study like those that were mentioned above is the one that Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has conducted. In this research, EFF has found out that just a few apps have the security standards that they supposed to have.

Only 6 out of 39 famous applications had the appropriate features that are able to insure their users about the safety of their personal information that are usually revealed through messaging. Yahoo messenger, Skype, Facebook chat, Apple’s FaceTime and iMessage have none of the features that they must have in order to be rated. In the near past, VPN creative has done its own examination regarding messaging applications and EFF’s study has revealed many of the concerns that the users of these apps have.

Almost all users who are clearly informed about their rights when it comes to the violation of their personal data are constantly try to find and use apps that are the best ones when it comes to security standards. All of them are familiar with the controversial government surveillance and of course they are familiar with the companies that have as their goal the gathering of their personal data and that is another reason why they are dedicated to find an app that will allow them to send or receive messages with safety.

No one says that there are no companies that provide the security that a user wants, but unfortunately the user has not got the authority to find out more of them. This is why the EFF released the Secure Messaging Scorecard. It is a list of apps that are evaluated with scores based on their security features. Though this Scorecard you as a simple user, have the chance to learn which the factors that make a messaging app really safe actually are.

The first key factor and the most important one that you should look for is the level of the encryption that they have. Among the 39 apps that were examined, six of them had the seven key factors that were needed in order for an app to be secure. These apps were the CryptoCat, ChatSecure+Orbot, Signal/Redphone, Silent Text, Silent Phone, and TextSecure. Some really famous messaging apps do not have encryption at all just like Mxit and QQ.

In his latest interview, the Projects Director at EFF Technology, Peter Eckersley said to the public to do not trust apps that promise them the greatest safety when it comes to messaging because they might do not have a single key feature safety measure and he challenge them to find it out on their own. He also said: “We are seeing an unprecedented level of interest and engineering commitment to solving these problems.

We don’t yet completely know what the best solution will look like, and that is why we are trying to set up the scorecards so that everyone knows the rules to play by.” After that the Staff Attorney of EFF, Nate Cardozo said that this organization’s priority is to help and in a way to protect the users that use messaging applications and that was the reason why they had created the Security Scorecard.

So, the next time that you are about to download a new messaging application, just consider the key security factors and make some advanced search on the web, in order to find EFF’s Security Scorecard and be able to find the safest app for you.

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