In case you are one of those people who spend a lot of their free time online or even if you are one of those who mostly work through the web, it is sure that you often worry about privacy issues. You certainly worry about which and how many things that you share online can leak on the web even if you have taken some basic measurements regarding the security.

It is known that worldwide there are many people who seem to magically “steal” some of your personal data and they have the ability to overcome any kind of obstacle that may appear. Even if these incidents are not often, there are many ways that you can use in order to protect yourself in the best possible way.

Social Media Settings and How to Benefit

Many people say that the greatest percentage of home thefts is performed when people are away for a business or a pleasure trip. Do not think that happens accidentally. Nowadays, on of the first things that many people do while they are on vacation is to take some pictures and constantly post on their social media page. This is what gives to these criminals the chance to act un-bothered.

So, go to the settings of the social media that you use and change your privacy settings in order everything that you post to be seen by your friends only or even if you can do not post these pictures at all at least until your vacation is over.

Benefit from VPN Services

The Virtual Private Network or in other words VPN is one of the most famous ways to be protected and in fact over the last years it has mange to gain popularity. It is a kind of service that is able to hide your real IP and while you surf on the web it seems that you have another IP that is actually from another country than the one that you live. It is some sort of software that keeps you absolutely safe as if someone searches for you he will definitely spend a lot of hours for nothing.

Cloud Services and What to Know About Them

Cloud services have definitely proved to be really useful for all of those people who usually have t save some information, videos and photographs. It is a service that has managed to gain the trust of millions of people worldwide as it gives the chance to its users to have full access on their private information whenever and from anywhere that they want.

Unfortunately, this magnificent service contains a lot of risks as some cloud providers have already been hacked. So, it is advisable to not save on your cloud information that you do not care whether they will be stolen or not.

The Important Role of the Fine Print

It is sure that whenever you try to make a registration to a web page that you are interested in, the owners of this page ask you to sign in and this means that before you perform your registration you need to agree with the terms that they provide you.

These terms are the page that appears in front of your eyes when you decide to perform a registration and at the end of it there are usually two boxes that say “I agree” ‘I don’t agree”. It might be a really boring procedure but it is sure that while you are reading these pages you will have the ability to see if your information will be given to third parties. So, be really careful and do not sign if you do not agree.

Create Strong Passwords

From the first day of the creation of the Internet it was said that the use of strong passwords is sometimes all it takes in order to be and feel safe and secure during your surfing on the web. Just take a moment and think of how difficult it could be for someone if you use a really strong password and not the usual ones just like “1,2,3,4” or even your full name.

Web Sites That Are Considered To Be Safe

The use of secure web sites is definitely a way to protect from all of those threats, malware and viruses that might appear. In order to be able to recognize whether or not a web page is secure, you need to have in mind that a green icon appears in front of the URL address bar and another thing that you need to notice is that the web sites that you visit to start with “https” and not with “http”.

Avoid Phishing Attacks

It is a really common phenomenon to see to your email links or unknown emails that try to trick you in order to visit them and when you do that they have the ability to steal some of your information, this is commonly named Phishing Attacks. So, avoid them by not visiting them and generally do not click on something that you do not know where it comes from.

Everything about Anti Virus Software

Do not leave any of the devices that you use in order to surf on the web without antivirus software. Most of them are really easy to be installed and so the only thing that you need to do is to make some advanced search on the web and find the one that suits you the most. Make this search and you will see that nothing will go wrong when it comes to safety and security.

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