Wireless or Wi-Fi penetration testing is a main trait of any cyber security project, companies are facing dangerous threats from their unprotected wireless network. A hacked wireless connection puts the whole network at hazards.

If we consider the up-to-date darkhotel hack, where the top management were the target and the hackers targeting them by attacking into the insecure Wi-Fi network of the hotel. In other words we can say, “The companies should comprise a wireless penetration testing practice in their routine security measures.”

You will find many free tools available on the internet to get access to any Wi-Fi network. The tools are utilized to compromise the Wi-Fi either for the:

  • Cracking the passwords:  Used by experts to fix the troubleshooting and by the folks who want to use the free internet.
  • Sniffing the wireless network: Another purpose of using the penetration tools is to sniff the network. There is very little difference between wireless vulnerability scanners and network assessment tools. So we are going to list our favorite or top 10 wireless penetration testing tools below:


  • Kismet – A well-known 802.11 layer 2 Wi-Fi network sniffer, intrusion detection system, and detector. Kismet in compatible with any wireless that can sniff 802.11b, 802.11n, 802.11a, 802.11g, and support rfmon (raw monitoring) mode. Kismet also works with plugins that enable sniffing DECT.
  • Wireshark – Wireshark is a network protocol analyzer; it enables the network admins to keep an eye on the traffic. A person who has a good understanding of the protocol can easily use this tool. Wireshark is an essential tool if you are going to capture Wi-Fi traffic, or check particular protocols in depth.



Airjack – Airjack is a wireless 802.11 packet inserting tool. Normally used to examine the MiTM (main in the middle flaws) in the Wi-Fi network and alleviate them.





Many of these tools are free of cost. However, some of them are for hacking the password, and others are for analyzing or monitoring the traffic. Also, there are some tools that use the word dictionary to break the passwords.

Although, one needs to be careful while using these penetration tools like this might be a violation to use the tools to break the passwords and get illegal access to the other countries. However, these sort of tools is also utilized by terrorists and cyber criminals for using the internet incognito.

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