Humans love to compare and contrast everything. This is why you find endless lists of universities, movies, and other things. So, you are also going to find lists of the best browsers to use.  We are about to analyze the top 4 browsers here.

Which browser will lead?

We will find the winner based on the following. First, we will compare based on updating intervals. Then, we will analyze the browser security options. Finally, we will see how each browser ensures privacy.

Google Chrome

It is the most preferred browser. It could be because many of us use Google’s products and services.  Here are the three ratings.

  • Updating intervals: Google Chrome gets an effortless five-star rating. It releases, new updates every 14 days. Hence, Chrome reacts to current threats faster and better.
  • Security Options – Google wins again here with a 5-star rating. It upgrades its browser to the latest edition often.  Besides, all other browsers except IE use Safe Browsing API from Google.
  • Privacy features – The Chrome browser offers a “Do Not Track” feature. But, Google tracks users’ online activities. Hence, it invades on their privacy. It gets a 2-star rating.

Note: In all, Chrome scores 12-stars out of 15 stars.

Mozilla Firefox

It is an open source browser. Firefox is easy to customize. Here are its rankings:

  • Updating intervals – It scores a 4-star. It sends security updates every four weeks.
  • Security Options – Again, Firefox gets a 4-star rating. It protects users against malware, phishing, and malicious websites.
  • Privacy features – It came up with “Do Not Track” privacy feature. Now it has “Tracking Protection” feature.  It gets a 5-start rating.

Note: In all, Mozilla scores 13-stars out of 15 stars.

Internet Explorer

This is a Microsoft browser. It was the only available before. Today it has succumbed to competition.

  • Updating intervals – It gets a 3-star rating. It sends monthly updates. These updates are a few every year.
  • Security Options – It has adjustable security settings. It is useful against social engineering malware. So it gets a 4-star.
  • Privacy features – It has the “Do Not Track” and Tracking Protection options. It gets a 4-star rating.

Note: In all, IE scores 11 over 15.


It is an Apple browser and the default one for Mac users.

  • Updating intervals – It only scores a 1-star rating. Safari updates users after 54 days.
  • Security Options – About security, Safari does an excellent job. It gets a 4-star for sending constant security alerts.
  • Privacy Features – It has a Do Not Track feature and keeps third party sites away. Safari has good privacy extension too. So it gets a 4-star rating.

Note: In all, IE scores 9 over 15.

Mozilla Firefox leads and Safari comes last.

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