From the first moment that Snowden said that there are many NSA spies on the web, almost all Internet users became concerned about their privacy and the safety of their files. This revelation was something that has revived Tor. Do not try to think of the reasons why this sounds beneficial for Tor, because this revelation has made Tor really popular, as it is software that helps you to surf the web anonymously.

Unfortunately, the increasing popularity over the last months for Tor has caught the attention of the NSA and not only this exact company. A lot of spy agencies are trying really hard to track the Users of Tor. Do not thing that this is the only software that these spy companies are trying to truck, there are also many other same type companies that are being watched closely.

Is It True That Tor Provides Total Anonymity?

The previous question is definitely a query that is really hard to be answered. Tor might seems as an easy way to surf on the Internet without been spied from anyone due to the anonymity that it offers but unfortunately it is a software that has its drawbacks.

It is definitely software that is being used by all classes of people and even politicians and really popular businessmen. This means that is software that has managed to gain the trust of really “important” people from all over the world that privacy means the world for them. So, as you can easily understand, it is extremely difficult to truck someone who uses the Tor software.

Disadvantages of the Use of Tor

One of the drawbacks of the Tor software is definitely the low speed that it has when a large number of users use it at the same time as you. It is a drawback that is definitely irritating when you try for example to watch a video or a movie online. It is definitely a problem that concerns Tor and their professionals are trying to solve it as soon as possible.

Another really important issue for people who use the Tor software or other software similar to Tor is the fact that the government and NSA might not be able to spy its users but they definitely know which users are the ones who use software like that. So, it is really easy to understand that if you use software like Tor the authorities might “follow” you closely and in fact if they inspect you for something they have the ability to confiscate your computer. Do not also forget the chance of a determined hacker to hack you.

Other Ways That You can Use to Surf Anonymously on the Web

Tor might be the easiest way to surf on the web with anonymity but there are also others software that you can use in order to browse without any fear on the Internet. One of the greatest and safest ways that you can use is definitely VPN.

Virtual Private Network is a way that offers you the chance to encrypt your connections and anyone who tries to spy you, he will not as you appear to surf on the web from another country and not the one that you live. This happens due to the fact that VPN has the ability to hide your IP address from anyone and even the government. Some VPN are offered for free to those who want to try it but they also come with a monthly fee. and Private Internet Access are two of the most famous VPNs, while you can check for more options.

So, if you want Internet privacy and anonymity, Tor is here for you and many other VPN servers that serve the same purpose!

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