Perhaps you are wondering whether torrenting is unlawful. If so, you are not alone. There are countless people who just don’t know it either. A torrent is a protocol that enables you to download and share a file.

It could be a movie, eBook, song or software app. So far, countries are banning torrent downloading. This makes one wonder whether torrenting is safe anymore.

What is lawful or unlawful?

There is no standard answer. Instead, the type of file you want to download could be legal or illegal. If the file has no copyright restrictions, you can download it. So, avoid downloading copyrighted and patented stuff. So, downloading and sharing is fine. What is unsafe is breaching copyright rules. The owner of materials that have a copyright label could sue you. If you infringe any copyright rules you have committed a punishable offense. Thus, downloading copyrighted content with any torrent client is unlawful.

Why copyrights are so sensitive

It is because they signify an identity. So when you violate a copyright, you steal someone’s identity. This copyright could appear on eBooks, songs, films, photos and software apps. It tells the internet user about the author’s exclusive right to the intellectual property. Intellectual property laws prohibit you from downloading, sharing and altering copyrighted materials. To carry out these actions, you should first seek permission of the owner. Also, you might need to pay a royalty to the first owner of the item. So, be careful.

Rights of copyright owners

The international community has made many laws to protect the rights of copyright owners. These laws are unique in each country. Sweden, Luxemburg, Norway and other Scandinavian nations have anti-piracy laws. The US, UK, and Australia are creating strong online piracy laws. Depending on your jurisdiction, it might be legal or illegal to download a file from torrents. Know your laws.

When you cannot access your favorite torrent clients

This could happen depending on where you live. To bypass geographical restrictions, just use a VPN or an HTTP proxy. The best is a VPN service. It will encrypt your data and hide it from your ISP.  Our best option is VPN service. It encrypts data, masks your IP and protects your privacy.

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