Do you love sharing stuff online? Now you can use a free Torrent client to do it. It will help you download and watch your best movies or books. Afterward, you can send it to friends. Torrents support P2P sharing system.

Since some of you cannot access Torrents, using a VPN is necessary. It will keep you anonymous. Next, see the best 5 Torrents clients for Linux, Android, Windows, iOS and Mac.

uTorrent – It is a worldwide client for P2P file sharing. The uTorrent became available in 2005. In 2016, uTorrent is still the best client. Since it has an idiot-proof interface, uTorrent is ideal for all smartphone users.

As a lightweight and quick client, you can use it to get your RSS subscriptions. uTorrent is available to Blackberry, Mac, Windows 7 and 8.1, Android and iOS users.

Vuze – It is not as popular as uTorrent. Vuze emerged in 2003. It still has its loyal users in 2016. If you have Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS and Android, you can use Vuze client. Ensure that you get a VPN first.

Vuze lets you drag and drop the files you like. It also provides automated subscription and an integrated media player. You can get Vuze+ for $29.99. Otherwise, use free options.

BitLord – It is an idiot-proof torrent downloader. As it offers pass encryption, safety is good. BitLord lets you download and stream anything you like. It is only available to Windows, Blackberry, and Mac users.

With it, you are free to make torrent files. It supports files with magnetic URLs too. It offers you an integrated video player too.

Deluge – This torrents client is an open source torrents downloader. It is not better than uTorrent and Vuze though. But, Deluge gives you all the functionalities you need.

It offers encryption and web UI too. Like BitLord, Deluge supports magnetic links and remote management. It is available to Mac, Windows, OSX and FreeBSD users.

Tixati – It is quick, reliable and powerful. If you are seeking better bandwidth management, try it. It manages magnetic links too. Also, Tixati allows IP filtering, event scheduling and access to RSS feed. It is for Mac and Windows users only.

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