AnchorFree, a firm, has conducted a study on how people behave when they are travelling. The results of the survey, which show the things that travellers are concerned with most, are interesting. Here are three important things from the study of how people behave regarding access to the internet that you need to know.

People are concerned about the safety of their mobile devices

The study shows that, in general, people fear to lose their smartphones so much that they keep them in their hands or pockets all the time. Perhaps one of the main reasons as to why people fear to lose their phones is the amount of personal data that they store in phones. Given that now people use smartphones for various functions, it follows that no one would like to lose a phone with all the personal data in it.

However, the results show that people may give their phones to strangers to take photos. It appears that people can easily trust strangers to take pictures of them using their phones.

Majority of people prefer using public Wi-Fi networks when travelling

Regardless of all the dangers that travellers face when using public Wi-Fi networks, the study indicates that people still prefer to use the networks to their mobile data plans. In general, public Wi-Fi networks may have security vulnerabilities that hackers can take advantage of and steal personal data.

However, people still use public Wi-Fi networks. Maybe, many travellers believe that once they take all the necessary precautionary measures, they can still use public Wi-Fi networks and be safe.

Almost all travellers using the Internet access social media networks

It appears that many people would rather use the social media pages of the airlines they are using rather than using the official apps of the airlines. Moreover, the results show that people are interested in having unfettered access to social media networks when they are travelling.

In conclusion, these findings show that many travellers are concerned about the safety of their mobile devices. The results also show that many people prefer using public Wi-Fi networks to their data plans. Third, the results indicate that social media networks remain highly attractive to travellers.

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