If you have installed Twitter’s app on your mobile or even if you have just bought a new mobile and Twitter has already being installed, it is good to know that this program has the ability to scan your phone, in order to see all of the apps that you use on your mobile. The reason why this kind of social network does something like this is really simple. It does it in order to be able to see which the apps that interest its users the most are, so as to use the appropriate advertisements.

This action, thus the scanning of Twitter, will not be completed on its own. A new update will appear soon on Android and iOS apps and when you do that, it is only then when Twitter will have the permission to do it. Twitter will start an action like that by the running of a query in order to achieve having the names of the other installed apps.

If you make some kind of search on the web, you will easily find the published details of this action from Twitter. Through these details, you will have the chance to understand the actual plan that they are going to follow in order to scan the smart-phones. Based on the specific action the authorized people of Twitter have made a statement: “To help build a more personal Twitter experience for you, we are collecting and occasionally updating the list of apps installed on your mobile device so we can deliver tailored content that you might be interested in. We are only collecting the list of applications you have installed.

We are not collecting any data within the applications.” based on this specific statement you can easily understand that they will do this scanning in order to improve the suggestions that they make to you through their applications such as: who to follow, or even to help you add tweets and accounts to your timeline that you will might find interesting. The truth is that Twitters professionals say that they will not start any kind of these actions before they inform their users about it in a form of an in-app prompt.

Twitter has many reasons for doing something like that and the most important of all is that it will make its services less difficult and scary for their new users who do not have a clue about Twitter. Twitter also finds this action as a great opportunity to interlard its users’ timeline with tweets and accounts that are really interested for them.

Twitter is definitely one of the most successful social media and in fact the company announced recently 320$ advertising revenue and the 85% of it came from mobile advertisements. If you are not interested on this kind of scanning from Twitter to the apps of you mobile phone, it is really important to know that there is a way to stop it.

For iOS Mobiles

The first thing that you need to do is to find the “Me” tab and after that you need to choose “Settings”. When you do that you need to choose the account that you prefer to remove from the targeted ads and last but not least find the Privacy section and deactivate Twitter based on my apps.

For Android Mobiles

For mobile which use Android things are really easy too. First try to find the overflow icon which is usually appeared in a three dots design. After that the “Settings” section will help you move on in order to choose the account that you want to remove. Scroll and find “Other” and it is finally the time to disable Tailored Twitter based on my apps.

Other Accounts

If you want to do the specific action to other accounts too, you need to remove them one by one using the same way that was mentioned above.

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