China is a place where heavy censorship is applied by the government. Therefore, there are quite a few channels and websites that are blocked within the country. The Great Firewall of China makes sure that all ISPs do not allow specific sites to be accessible in the country.

Twitter is among the sites that are blocked in the country and this comes with a huge list of other sites, such as YouTube and Facebook. If you are wondering why this happens, the government is really strict when it comes to expressing one’s opinion and having international influence on public matters. So, the Great Firewall is there to obstruct any potential threat to the regime.

On the bright side, there are several things that one can do towards unblocking Twitter in China. What we are going to focus on is the use of VPN. With the VPN (or else Virtual Private Network), you get to overcome the geographical restrictions applied to the country. Let’s see how to do that:

–Subscribe to a VPN service provider
–Download the VPN software for your device
–Sign up and connect to VPN
–Find a VPN server that meets your criteria
–Connect to the VPN server
–Visit Twitter and enjoy!

Which VPN to Choose?

There are several VPN service providers available in the market globally for you to have your pick from. However, not all of them are equally qualitative and suitable to help you out. You need to search for a VPN company that is reliable and offers a wide range of VPN servers.


There are also multiple other features worth looking for. For instance, quality support and customers’ care, advanced encryption protocols and great value for money are things to take into account.

If we had to recommend VPN service providers for you to consider, we would pick two: and ExpressVPN. is a fast VPN service provider that keeps no logs and includes servers all over the world.

Unlimited bandwidth and speed, as well as up to 5 simultaneous connections are all offered at a reasonable price rate. ExpressVPNis also fast and has got easy-to-use apps for all OS and devices. SSL connection with 256-bit encryption, over 100 VPN locations and unlimited server switches, bandwidth and data transfer complete a great VPN plan to think through.

So, feel free to follow the instructions displayed above and enjoy Twitter in China, as well as in every other country. Unblocking Twitter has never been easier than with the use of VPN!

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