If you download or upload media through torrent sites like The Pirate Bay and its variations as well as Kickass Torrents among others, and you are from the UK then here’s some news for you; ISPs in the UK have been directed to close down all torrent sites. As of the writing of this post, 90 sites have been blacklisted, meaning they cannot be accessed from the UK.

The reason for this is because torrent sites have been long accused of violating copyright by redistributing copyrighted work through the use of remote servers and a thriving community of seeders and leechers. The whole sharing community is outlawed and is known to law enforcement as a pirate community. Some of the governments that have shut down torrent sites before include the Australian government.

The alarming aspect of this development is that the UK government and the ISPs involved did not notify the public that the sites were being blacklisted. Even more disturbing is the emerging revelation that there is a list of other ‘suspect’ sites that is ever expanding. The danger with this ‘suspect’ list is that it is increasingly including sites which are not necessarily involved in the violation of copyright.

The whole issue came about after complaints from organizations such as 02, the Premier League, Virgin, Sky and MPI went to court over violation of their copyrighted works. The courts then granted these companies a court order that compels ISPs to blacklist sites associated with the alleged copyright violations.

For the community of people who still want to share files and media through torrents in the UK, there is a solution. The solution is Hide.me VPN. Hide.me allows the user to bypass the ISPs firewall by changing the users IP address so that it does not come from the UK. Effectively, the UK laws will not apply to the user’s situation, thereby allowing him or her to access the torrents he or she desires.

To use Hide.me (or any other quality VPN) you need to go register an account. After that there are options for downloading the app for the user’s relevant device. There is an app for windows, android and iOS – for the rest there are setup wizards. After installing the app there will be a list of countries from which a user can connect to the internet. The user only needs to choose one and connect to browse, download and upload without being traced back to the UK.

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