Taking after the dissents in Hong Kong in the September 2014, the Chinese government continued to square Instagram and it stays obstructed right up the present time in the territory of China.

It isn’t quite a bit of an issue to get to Instagram in China, undergoing a little research and perusing. Most folks call them VPN (to save time) we name them full “Virtual Private Networks”. Virtual Private Networks otherwise known as VPN are popular for their capacity to sidestep the most strongly setup firewalls and most profoundly established reconnaissance frameworks.

Facebook’s photograph sharing branch Instagram was the interesting stage protestors decided to “cover” the occasion through their previews for world to see.

Before the end of year 2014 there were near about 300 million users on it over the world. As the Chinese government considered Instagram unlawful (like each other social stage on the planet they can’t censor), the photo sharing platform was controlled crosswise over terrain China including others like Google, Twitter, Facebook  and WhatsApp.

In every corner of China, Instagram is blocked!

Thus, on the off chance that you are flying out to the China you probably need to consider on whether you can access Instagram while in China. In the accompanying guide we will show you how to use it from China. Cool? Let’s get in.

VPN helping to unblock Instagram in China

Given that you’ve got your hands on a premium Instagram VPN, open its application (usually, all of the quality VPN providers provide you with that) and connect to a server location where access to Instagram is permitted. Sounds like having a piece of cake, right? Below, I’ll break down the steps to make things even easier for you.

Step 1: Connect to a VPN server located in a location where Instagram is accesible, as for example, I used Hide.me VPN and selected their US server for testing.

Step 2: Now that you’re connected to a server outside of China, simply open your browser and type Instagram url and hit enter. Boom… You’ll see that Instragram gets loaded in your window without any problem.

That’s all, you just need to get tick mark on above provided two steps and get to enjoy Instagram even in China. Not just you’ll be able to unblock Instagram over there, but also, you’ll be able to escape from Internet police and The Great Firewall of China.

Last thing I’d like to mention here is, you can acces Instagram on any device via VPN while being in China, let it be your computer, mobile or Mac device to name a few – thanks to the compatible apps and manual guides the Instagram VPN providers offer their user. Have fun!

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