Netflix is an entertainment platform with a database exceeding the 20,000 movie titles and shows for every person and it is available on your TV, PC, smartphone and tablet.

Although there is also the European, the Latin American and the Canadian version of Netflix, all of these cannot be compared to the content provided by the original US version which is also the reason why people want to get access to US Netflix.

The catch with the US Netflix is that it is only available inside the US. Why is that? Well, it all comes down to copyright issues where broadcasting of American material of Netflix globally is not permitted.

So, how does Netflix manage to apply this restriction? This is done by applying a policy known as “Geo-restriction” policy, in which the geographic boundaries of transmission are defined and applied. This means that if you want to watch content of some platform broadcasting in a specific region, you will have to “prove” to that system that you belong to the same region.

There are a number of “solutions” to pick from so as to solve this problem, which are reported and analyzed below.

Methods for unblocking geo-restricted Netflix

1) Use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection.

VPN has turned out to be well known by users across the world as it is the solution used for encoding data transmitted over an open network. Moreover, VPN directs users through servers located all over the world, giving them the option to pick a server / IP address from a different location so as to connect to the target system / platform.

There are VPN solution suppliers like (a Malaysia based VPN provider) that can offer a variety of servers to pick from, assuring the best possible internet experience, simultaneously keeping you protected from cyber-attacks and other relevant dangers.

Obviously, this gives you the option to unblock Netflix (and other similar content sharing platforms) as you can mask your IP address, so that you’ll appear to be connecting from the US. The “VPN method” is the recommended solution for getting access to the US Netflix.

2) Use of Proxy Servers

Like with the VPN method, the use of free and paid proxy server services will allow you to make use of a US IP address for accessing geo-restricted content. The difference with this method is that you may experience slow transfer rate and intrusions (especially if you make use of a free proxy solution) and also the fact that internet proxy servers are easily spotted and blocked from the platform owners like Netflix.

3) Use of browser add-ons

If you try to access US Netflix content from your web browser, there are a few add-ons you can install so as to get access to the geo-restricted services. What these add-ons do, is to mask your internet traffic so that it will appear you are accessing the web from an American IP address.

You can find some easy to use and free of charge add-ons  like Zenmate for chrome but you should also be aware that usually the video quality on such free tools is relatively poor. There are also add-ons which may provide better video quality but may need advanced configuration in order to achieve that which is something that an average user cannot perform.

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