Torrent websites have been proven to infect users with malware in a recent study. They make money out of this, with the users continuing on with the same practice.

If you have been wondering where malware can derive from, another option has been added for you to consider. To be more specific, malware can come from torrent sites on purpose.

This means that, while you are surfing the web searching for the ideal uploaded file, the site that is going to help you out with the download can also put your computer at risk.

Based on the findings of a recent study from Digital Citizens Alliance and RiskIQ, one out of three download sites with torrents have been proven to infect users. So, this is where you should search first, once you have been found with malware.

The justification of such malware infection lies under the fact that torrent sites do not have any other sources of income to support their survival. As a result, they use the uploaded files as bait and they lure online users.

Most of the times, the malicious advertisements can be the cause of the infection for the devices. The only reason is that the person was unfortunate to be visiting the site.

On the bright side, the mainstream sites like Hulu, Netflix and such have been proven to be much safer than other sites, used for downloading. For instance, the Pirate Bay has been tested and found more vulnerable for its users. Trojan is the most frequently used type of malware in such cases.

However, even under these circumstances, trying to deal with the increasing phenomenon of torrent sites is not an easy task. Users will not be put off from downloading movies and other interesting stuff online, although such activities can hide dangers.

Since they make money out of the whole process, it is highly unlikely that the torrent sites are going to stop using these tactics. Still, users will continue on downloading and risking their online safety!

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