Are you looking to join college? If so, what things have you written on your to-do-list? Personal use items such as bed linen and some kitchen appliances have to be on this list.

But, there is an essential thing you might have skipped. This is none other than a VPN. Other than using your laptop or tablet in class, you will take it to the school library and internet cafes.

Every time you connect a device to a free Wi-Fi hotspot it becomes vulnerable to criminals. Hackers and identity thieves can do anything to steal your personal information. Since it is hard to know if a public Wi-Fi hotspot is safe, use a VPN. A Virtual Private Network will help you share and download programs. You can use it to do financial transactions online.

Even when you get back to your hostel, you will need to be safe when browsing. When using your university’s free Wi-Fi, you will have to be secure. You cannot go wrong with the VPN.

It uses a strong connection that compares to what banks use to secure their connections. It will keep your personal data safe from spies. As well, this VPN will protect your online businesses and keep everyone else out of them.

Also, you can use the VPN to protect your device when using Wi-Fi hotspots. It does not throttle your internet speed. Instead, this VPN protects you without interfering with your internet speed. VPN is a great option when browsing Torrents. It lets you browse the Torrents without the fear of losing your IP address. As Torrent files are heavy, you might fear that a VPN will reduce your download speeds. This is not the case.

It provides up to sixteen regions. Hence, you can select an IP address of a server in any of these countries. This becomes necessary when you are facing Geo-restrictions.

This is when viewing some websites is more difficult because of region-based restrictions. When using the VPN or any other good one, you can bypass firewalls and blocked servers. It is one of the best VPNs to use when browsing the web. Go to and sign up.

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