If you are one of those people who are constantly wonder which the best service for them is regarding safety and convenience and if you are struggling to choose among Smart DNS and VPN, it is sure that you need to spend some time and read the article that follows.

The comparison that follows will definitely help you decide which of the two services leads to the best for you and is the one that best suits to your needs. So, make a list with all the characteristics that you want this kind of service to have and it is sure that the following article will definitely help you decide much easier.

VPN Characteristics

If you are in search of finding out about the procedure that needs to be followed in order for to install a VPN into your computer, you need to know that there is no need to be a computer genius in order to do it. It is sure that the VPN providers might be many, but every kind of Virtual Private Network has got easy installation instructions and all you need to do is to just follow the steps that are given to you for installing its software.

When it comes to the safety that a VPN provides, things are really clear. It is sure that not all the VPN services are the same, but it is sure that they are extremely safe and that there is no way for someone to spy on you and on your personal information. As a result, it is sure that we are talking about reliable networks that give you the safety that you want. Two of the characteristics that may be considered as “disadvantages” include the speed and the price of a VPN.

These two things have their explanations and when it comes to its speed, it is sure slower because it includes the encryption procedure that takes some time in order to be completed. Its price is more expensive, due to the fact that its maintenance and its development are more expensive.

Smart DNS Characteristics

The Smart DNS system allows everyone to refer to computers and other devices with the host name instead of the IP address, which is difficult to remember and inconvenient to use. DNS is responsible for converting the mnemonic names or host names to the relevant IP addresses. Its installation is not as easy as a VPN, because there is the need of manual configuration.

It is also sure that you need to browse yourself through its client in order to write your IP address and it is crucial to do so every time your IP is altered. Its speed is definitely a characteristic that will amaze you, as it needs no time to do something extra; however, it does not have the encryption mode. Its reliability is also a characteristic that is considered to be an advantage even though every time the IP of yours changes you need to do often updates.

The specific kind of network is sure cheaper that a VPN, but do not think that the difference of the amount is considerably higher. The worst disadvantage that it has is the fact that it does not come with any kind of protection. As it has been mentioned above this kind of service does not includes any encryption.

In conclusion, if safety and security is not an issue for you, it is sure that the cheapest solution of Smart DNS sounds perfect and can cover your need to unblock geographically restricted content. On the other hand, if the safety of your personal data plays the most important role to your life, a VPN will definitely thrill you and fulfill your expectations!

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