Netflix is an entertainment platform offering premium content of movie titles and favorite TV shows to its subscribers. It is considered as a single space for accessing favorable TV content and streaming in great quality and at any time.

Unfortunately, the quality of the Internet connection is not very good at some parts of the world, making it difficult for the users to perform online streaming. One workaround would be to find a tool that will allow you to download content from Netflix and watch it offline.

The methods we’ll describe below are unofficial as they go against Netflix’s Terms of Use yet they are not illegal. If you want to discover how you can watch Netflix offline, continue reading below.

PlayLater application

This application will allow you record Netflix content. After you install it on your machine, visit the Netflix website and open the media file you are interested in. At the same time, you must activate the PlayLater add-on which will start recording the media in the background, so you can take the downloaded material later and watch it whenever and wherever you want.

This service is not free though. It will cost you $20 for a yearly subscription and $40 if you would like to subscribe for life.

Using a recorder

A simple method for obtaining an offline copy of Netflix content is to use a screen recording application.

Which are the disadvantages? You won’t be able to use your computer for any other work during the streaming process.

Are there an advantage? The advantage is that you can find such recording tools free of charge, although if you want to have certified quality, you should pick a paid service.

So, install the recording application, visit Netflix website and open the program you wish to stream. The recording app will also requested you to pick a desirable file size.


Another option to consider is to download a DVR (like Comcast’s X1 DVR with Cloud technology).

It will help you record Netflix content in good quality, however:

  • It has restrictions on what content can be recorded
  • It works only with app Xfinity TV (available on Android OS and iOS)
  • It requires device authorization
  • It is available only in selected areas


People want to have the option of watching Netflix content offline, but at the time being there is no official method provided and the company does not plan to provide one as they take a firm stand against it. The previously analyzed methods are the only solution for watching Netflix offline.

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