As recently announced, Netflix– an entertainment platform with a database exceeding the 20,000 movie titles and shows – now has official presence also in Australia. The people in Australia would normally be very excited by this information but soon their enthusiasm fades out as they discover that the content shared on the Australian Netflix cannot be compared to the content provided by the original US version.

The fact behind Netflix services worldwide is, unfortunately, most of the premium content of Netflix is only provided to users located in the US. This happens due to copyright issues where broadcasting of American material of Netflix globally is not permitted.

Netflix forces this restriction by applying a“Geo-restriction” policy, in which the geographic boundaries of transmission are defined and applied, so practically if you want to watch content of some platform broadcasting in a specific region, you will have to “prove” that you are located in the same region.

Getting US Netflix in Australia

So, you are located in Australia and you need to get access to the original US Netflix? Follow the steps below in getting this done once and for all:

1) Create a Netflix account

Visit and sign up for a free 30day trial account. You can use the Netflix service as they do not charge for an initial period of 30 days, after which you will begin to receive the monthly charges, depending on the subscription package you’ve already selected (SD, HD, 4K).

Our recommendation is to start with the HD subscription and see how Netflix works in conjunction with your Internet connection speed.

2) Download the Netflix app

You can make use of the Netflix application by installing it on your personal computer, tablet or smartphone as it works easily on any OS (Windows, Android, iOS). You can follow the guidelines offered throughout the application. They are really simple and easy.

3) Convince Netflix that you are located in the US

This is the step you need to perform, if you want to get access to the valuable content of US Netflix. You practically need to make Netflix believe that you are connecting from the Unites States. The most trustworthy method to accomplish this request is the use of a reliable VPN service, like

This VPN provider offers privacy protection, Wi-Fi security and encryption for a truly private web experience, regardless of your location while also keeping you protected from cyber-attacks and other relevant dangers. will allow you to get access to the full content of the US Netflix by making your device to appear as it is connecting from the US. It is the recommended solution for getting access to the US Netflix while being in Australia.

As you can see, unblocking US Netflix from the Australia does not require any time or real effort on your behalf. You simply need to be ready to follow some instructions and start enjoying Netflix to its full magnitude!

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