The Young Pope is an exciting new show that is set to premier later in the month. However, you may not access this show online if you are outside specific areas. The content streaming companies that will handle the show will restrict access to it, as it has been the norm with other shows. However, you can use VPN to bypass the restrictions and watch this show online. Here is how you can go about this process.

1. Install on your device

You will have to sign up for a account and install the software of the VPN service on the device that you intend to use to watch the show. Signing up for an account is an easy process. Besides, installing the software on your device and choosing your preferred location are simple steps that you can easily carry out.

2. Connect to the internet via your VPN account

You will have to use your account, in this case, to connect to the web. Therefore, make sure that you activate your account so that the servers of the VPN encrypt your traffic and give you a virtual IP address.

3. Register for the HBO membership

You will have to download the HBO Now app and install it on your device. You will then have to register for the service. You may choose the free ‘one month trial’ offer that the service gives to new clients. Once the one month is over, you will have to pay the monthly fees that the service charges its customers. Therefore, if you are a new customer, you will have to provide your payment details.

Once you successfully go through these steps, you will be ready to watch the Young Pope show on your device. You will access the show because will encrypt your data and give you a new IP address, thus enabling you to bypass geographical restrictions.

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