If you are one of those people who do not have a clue about VPN but you are fan of the Internet, it is sure that you have not “tasted” the true magic of the web. Virtual Private Network can become a really powerful tool in the hands of everyone who really knows how to handle the web. It is able to give you a lot of services that you will find really useful.

Two of a VPN’s most important features are that it can take excellent protection measurements against viruses and malwares and the second one is the fact that it can encrypt you IP address and, instead of that, it uses a virtual tunnel technology and the hackers are not able to find you.

Try out a VPN and the first thing that will definitely blow your mind away is the fact that it gives you the ability for an unlimited access to any web site that you want even if it is forbidden in your country. Many people that are about to get a VPN are worried about the speed that might be slower to their Internet connection. It is sure that there are numbers of factors that could slow your Internet connection with a VPN service.

Choose the Location of Your VPN Server

If speed plays a really important role for you and you think that VPN has been created for you, it is sure that you need to find a VPN server that is located near your house or near the place or the office that you use the Internet. Do not be amazed, because the closer the server is, the better the connection will be.

Users with the Same VPN Server

Another crucial factor that might slow your Internet connection speed when using a VPN server is definitely the number of users that use the same VPN server as you. If you are already wondering the way to find information like that, do not bother your mind anymore; if you choose a paid VPN service, you know that there is plenty of room for everyone.

Compare VPN providers

If you are about to choose a VPN provider, you should make sure that you choose a reliable one. When someone says reliable, he does not mean that reliability has only to do with the cost; instead, it definitely has to do with what other features a VPN provider promise. There are features just like no Internet speed loss and others that you find really important.

Firewall Settings and Processor Speed

The right firewall configuration plays a really important role to the speed of your VPN and Internet connection. In case you choose the wrong ones you will definitely see a significant reduction in the speed of the connection. A really good idea is to upgrade your computer with the use of a better CPU or processor. Apart from the improvement of the speed of your system you will definitely notice a smoothly and faster Internet connection.

Use the Right Security Protocol

If you make some advanced search on the web you will definitely find a plethora of VPN security protocols such as OpenVPN, SSTP, L2TP/IPSec and PPTP. It is sure that you will not find great differences when it omes to their functionality, but you will definitely see differences among their level of encryption. So, have in mind that as better the encryption level is as slower the speed will be.

Stable ISP Is the Solution

if you are still worried about the speed of your Internet connection with the use of a VPN server, you need to no that another factor plays a really important role and it is no other than the limitation that your ISP has. So, you can easily understand that as higher as you Internet Connection is the higher your VPN will get.

Take a moment and consider all of the above factors and it is absolutely sure that your final decision will be the best possible one!

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