Netflix is making good its threat to ban traffic from VPN services. By prohibiting VPNs, the company will lock out millions of users who rely on VPNs to access its rich catalogue of content. Here are three ways in which the new stance by Netflix will affect US soldiers who are on missions in foreign countries.

Soldiers will not access Netflix US content

Many soldiers who are on missions in different countries say that they rely on Netflix to access the content that the company streams in the US. Although Netflix has now expanded to almost all the countries of the world, users still want to access the rich content that the company streams to its US market. Therefore, to many US soldiers who are outside the country, banning VPNs will be a big blow to them since they will not be able to access the shows that they can access while at home.

Netflix says that it exempts soldiers

According to Netflix, its ban on VPNs will not cover military posts that are outside the country. However, this policy assumes that all the soldiers who are on missions outside the country spend all their times within their posts. However, the truth is that many of these soldiers spend most of their time far away from their posts. Therefore, even if Netflix allows soldiers to use VPNs to access its services from their posts, this approach may not be very helpful to the soldiers who are out of their posts for a long time.

Soldiers still prefer Netflix US

Many soldiers who are in countries in which Netflix streams content say that they prefer watching Netflix US to the local content.  Interestingly, these soldiers have been using VPNs to access Netflix US for a long time. Therefore, if Netflix successfully blocks VPNs, these soldiers will have to make do with the local content in the countries in which they are serving.

Therefore, as Netflix implements its plans of banning VPNs, many people in the world will find this move harsh. More so, soldiers who are on missions outside the country will miss their favourite shows and be forced to watch local content during their missions.

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