Every now and then, all of us wonder if our personal data is safe on our computer or if the chats, the photos and the videos that we share online are able to be seen by third parties who have nothing to do with us. The truth is that nothing that is saved or shared from a computer is safe from hackers or even the NSA surveillance.

Do not be surprised! If for example we hold a wallet in our hands during a long walk in a “dangerous” place and we do not put it into our handbag or in our pocket like we are supposed to do, then it is more likely that we will become theft victims. The same goes for the things that we write or share on the web.

If you spend some time searching on the web, you will find many ways to ensure the data and the details that you do not want to be leaked to strangers or even to the employees of NSA, who are able to gain full control over them. 5 of these useful tips are mentioned below for your convenience.

Emails and How to Remain Anonymous

Nowadays, there is nothing more common than sending an email to your friends, relatives or even to your colleagues instead of sending them a letter through the post office or through a courier company like people used to do in the past.

It was certainly a procedure that may have taken a little longer to arrive to the consignee, but it was certainly safer and no one could open it, in order to harm you in some way. There are some online tools that you can now use and they are as safe as sending a letter. Examples of these kinds of tools are the Mailvelope, Enigmail and Infoencrypt that make your emails safe.

Chats and Protection

Every day, more and more people use the Internet and specifically chatting, in order to meet new people. Unfortunately, it is really easy for a hacker to spy your chatting and be able to see the theme of your discussion. The messenger program that is called Cryptocat is going to save you from all these speculations and it is going to make you feel free and secure to write everything that you like without any risk.

Encrypted Files Tool

The NSA is definitely an organization that is interested on spying on files and images that you send to anyone. So, it is really easy for them to see anything that you send clearly. In order to avoid that, do not hesitate and use Wickr. It is a kind of tool that encrypts your files for the very first moment that a file for example leaves from your computer.

Way to Backup your files by Encrypting Your Name

The greatest percentage of people, use to save their files by using the clouds technology. It is definitely a really easy way and of course by saving your files there you do not have an anxiety that something might goes wrong with your computer and your files will be gone.

But what happens if for example the Dropbox app be spied from the government program PRISM? It is definitely something that you do not wish to happen. So, from all the above it is really easy to understand that you cannot trust any kind of backup service. Do not wonder about the solution because the answer are only two and there are no others that the SpiderOak and the Boxcryptor that can save you from a lot of trouble and they can keep your anonymity without any difficulty.

The Power of VPN

If you are one of those people who do not want to have a separate application for every single action performed through your computer, do not hesitate and use VPN services that have it all. Some of the most famous VPN providers include HideMyAss, Hide.me and VyprVPN. Use a VPN and you will not regret it for sure!

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