It is sure that every single one of users has found himself in a situation to not have an Internet connection when you need it immediately and the worst scenario is this to happen while you are on the road. Fortunately, nowadays there is a free public Wi-Fi almost everywhere that has managed to make our lives even easier.

Is it safe to use it? Which are the things that you need to be informed about it? What you need to do in order to avoid any kind of threat that might appear? All of the above questions can be answered if you just spend some of your valuable time in order to read this article.

How to Choose the Right Wi-Fi Network

Even if you use a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop you need to be really sure about the Public network that you will choose. One of the first things that you need to do is to always be prepared before you found yourself in a situation like the above. So, if you need to do some homework, do it from your home and if you do not have the time and you are already on the road, then you need to choose a network that needs to be verified if it is possible.

Always have in mind that it is really easy for someone to steal your personal data while you are connected in a free public Wi-Fi network. If you use Windows you need to make sure that you have de-activated the file sharing and also to mark the Wi-Fi connection as a public network. This option is located in the control panel, network and sharing center and finally you should click on the button that highlights change advanced sharing settings.

If you are a Mac user, you need to open System Preferences and find the Sharing icon. Then the only thing that you need to do is to un-mark the checkbox that is located next to file sharing.

Use a VPN and Get Out of Any Trouble

Up to now, it is known that the use of VPN is the best thing that you can choose not only for surfing anonymously through the web but also to be benefit from the magnificent security system that it uses. If you choose VPN services you will be amazed from the encryption system that it uses as it is able to encrypt traffic among the device that you use and the VPN server.

So, it is almost unlikely for an intruder to have any kind of access to your data. If you search on the web for details about VPN services you will definitely find a lot of them which might be offered for free or with a small monthly fee. The VPN provider that you will choose offers you different kinds of services depending on the software that you already use and so it is really important before you conclude to one, to make sure that you have written down all of your needs regarding the Virtual Private Network that you will choose.

The Importance of Updated Apps

As the oldest say, you need to always update your devices with the latest versions but when you do it, make sure that you perform this action from a trustful Internet network and not from a free public one. You must also always have in mind that the apps that you have on your smartphone are absolutely safe and secure and so you need to rely on the appropriate service.

Two-Factor Authentication

Do not forget to enable to the device that you use in order to enter to a public Wi-Fi network. The two-factor authentication and in this way even if someone achieves to sniff out your password during this connection of yours to have an extra layer of privacy and protection. Always have in mind to not use easy passwords as nothing will be able to protect you.

The Final Tip

The final step that you need to do, is no other than from the moment that you will finish the job that you want to do with a free Wi-Fi, sign out and give to your device the command to forget the specific network in order to not be automatically connected the next time that you will be in that area. You can do that by un-ticking the “Connect Automatically” button or you can even go to the control panel find Network and Sharing Center in order to find the network’s name. Click on the “Wireless Properties” and finally unmark the “Connect automatically when this network is in range” button.

Use all of the above tips and nothing will stand as an obstacle on your way!

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