It is a common secret that Google knows almost everything about everyone just like your hobbies, your age your relationship status your interests and generally everything that you have already publish on the web. In case you have a Gmail or you use any of Google applications, it is almost sure that Google might have saved some of your location data.

It must not come as a shock to you that Google tries to find the location of its users, while it already knows your online actions. If you are not familiar with Google’s maps web site, you need to know that it is a program that shows your actual location and the location of your smartphone.

In 2013 TechCrunch was the first one which published the specific tracking. Until then, a lot of users did not know clearly that this application had the ability to track their location with such ease. Do not be in shock, because if you just disable the location history and the location reporting back to your Google account, none of the above is possible.

All You Need to Know About Location Reporting Feature

The location reporting Feature gives the chance to applications such as Google maps, Foursquare and many many other applications to find easily your location. From the first moment that you use one of the above applications in order to find for example a bank that you want and it is near you, it ask you to have access to your location to help you find it right away. So, if you give it the permission to do it, it will automatically know where you are.

Important Details about the Deletion of the Location History

Location history is a feature that saves all of your moves and also any address that you may have written in order to find the road that you are looking for. It also has the ability to inform you about the traffic that you will find if you are getting back home from your office and this happens due to the fact that it has the ability to into your “home” and “work” savings.

If you decide to delete this feature and in this way you make Google to stop spying your next location. If you are already panicking it would be a good idea to follow the steps that are mentioned below in order to delete the specific feature.

So, if you want to delete your location history feature you first need to visit Google’s web page in order to track your actual location history. After that you need to set a time period, for example the last month in order to view it and then to click on the period that you want to delete.

Your next move must be the click on the “delete history from this time period” button which is located on the left of the specific page. Finally, if you have many Google accounts, you need to do the specific action in every single account.

Useful Information about the Deletion of Tracking on Android

For the users of Android devices who want to deletion the history of their Location via their Android devices there are some other steps that you need to follow. First you need to visit the settings application; then, you need to select the Location area, tap on “Google Location Reporting” and last but not least to turn off the “location history”.

How to Turn Off Location Tracking on IOS

For iOS users the first move that you must do is to open again the Setting application, in order to find the privacy section and choose ‘Location Services.’ Secondly, you need to turn off all of your location services by clicking on the off button or you can turn it off one by one like you did on Google Maps.

Choose system services for protecting yourself against “the stealing” of your location data. Make sure that you will turn off the frequent locations or the button that says popular near me section.

If you want to learn some more information about location tracking it is a good idea to make some advanced search on the web or you can even visit Apple’s web page that has a whole page that talks about this matter.

If you finally decide to disable all of the above features, every time you try to find something, the app is going to ask you if it can have access to your location and sometimes it has been mentioned that it does not work properly.

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